How does Kubera ensure safe transfer of my portfolio to my family?

In Kubera, you can nominate someone as your Beneficiary. E.g. your spouse.

Kubera has an automated 'Life Beat Check' workflow. If you are inactive for a certain number of days (45 days by default) you will get our 'Life Beat Check' notifications on your mail with a button to say 'I'm Okay' and reset the timer. You will also be pinged on your phone.

If you don't respond to any of the 5 notifications you receive over a period of 10 days, a mail with all your data and documents in Kubera will be sent to the Beneficiary downloadable as Excel & ZIP. The download link will be valid for 3 months.

The Beneficiary will get multiple notifications till she downloads the information. It'll stop after 5 notifications over a period of 10 days. She will also be pinged on her phone.

A fall back contact (Trusted Angel) - a friend who you trust to help out in difficult times - can also be optionally nominated to receive this mail, in case the Beneficiary fails to respond even after multiple notifications via email and text.

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