Why pay $1 for the trial?

Kubera offers a trial period that requires a nominal fee of $1, which is non-refundable. This small charge is necessary to initiate your trial.

The purpose of this fee is to ensure that only committed users, who are willing to invest in software solutions, utilize our resources. This approach allows us to better allocate our services to genuinely interested customers.

Will the subscription begin automatically after trial?


At Kubera, we understand the importance of user choice regarding subscriptions. Therefore, your subscription will not automatically begin after the trial.

It will only commence when you actively choose a subscription plan and confirm your choice by clicking the 'Subscribe' button in the Settings.

You have the freedom to subscribe at any point during your trial. But your card will be charged only after the trial period concludes.

Additionally, if you have any credits in your account, these will be applied as a discount when your card is charged.

If you decide not to subscribe, please be aware that for security reasons, your connections to banks, brokerages, and wallets will be severed.

Rest assured, you will receive multiple reminders about the expiration of your trial. For a seamless continuation of usage, it is advisable to subscribe before the trial ends.

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