Can Kubera employees see my data?

NO. Kubera employees can't see your data.

Our internal tools mask all personally identifiable information that our operations staff sees. Technically the database administrators have access to the encryption keys, however our employment agreements make it legally binding for any such employee with access to the keys to not decrypt or unmask user data. We also have a strict 2FA factor in place which prevents hacking of such admin accounts. 

It still means that ultimately someone at Kubera could access your personal data. Data is unmasked strictly on a need-to-know basis. Only the people who need access to improve or operate the system can unmask and access data. And when they do their routine maintenance, debugging, or servicing of the system, they're required to state the valid consent or justification for the specific access session. We maintain an audit trail for all data access sessions and review them periodically. We do background checks for all employees who have access to sensitive data. If an employee ever wrongly accesses customer data through this system, they will be caught, and will face penalties ranging from termination to prosecution.

Use Kubera Safely.

Just to be on the safer side, you should not store any information in Kubera that’s highly risky when fallen into the wrong hands. Please don’t store any password, credit card numbers, crypto wallet private keys in Kubera in order to transfer it to the beneficiary. You should store only enough information or documents that would help you track your wealth and for your legal heir to know and claim your property.

If your data sharing needs requires end-to-end encryption, don’t use Kubera. We highly recommend you to look at Password Managers like LastPass and 1Password. But they come with their own complexities. E.g. the person who you want to share the information with, should also be savvy enough to be a user of the same Password Manager.

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