How do I manually enter my crypto holdings?

Kubera natively supports all major cryptocurrencies. To add crypto to Kubera and track it manually, just click on 'Add New' > click on 'Crypto Exchanges, Wallets and Coins' > go to 'Crypto Coins' tab. Here, you will be able to search for crypto and add it with the quantity.

You can also enter the crypto ticker symbol followed by the number of coins you have in the value field directly and it will show its latest price. E.g., if you have 1 Bitcoin, enter BTC 1. 

It will show you the latest rates in your portfolio currency. Works with almost all major crypto symbols.

There is a chance of some crypto symbols clashing with stock symbols. If you think that's happening, type the crypto symbol in this format BTC.CC 1 (CC stands for cryptocurrency)

To update the quantity as you go, double click on the value field and edit the entry.