How do I get started with Kubera

  1. To start with, think of Kubera as a spreadsheet where you have added every asset as rows and they will have the latest values. The latest values will add up to show the total assets (and debts) and thus the Net worth.
  2. You can have connected rows that update automatically or manual rows that you enter and maintain manually (like your private investments) (Add New > Insert a row). More details >
  3. Just like a spreadsheet, you can organize the rows into sheets (default sheets are Investments, Real Estate and Others. Listed below the Total assets number). You can create more sheets or rename the existing ones. You can create sections within the sheets and move rows into them. Basically you can view your assets the way you want. More details >
  4. Once you have the rows set up > go to the details of every row. Click on the '4 lines' icon on the right side of the row to see the details. Here you see more details of the asset starting with the Value history - i.e how the value of the asset changed over time after you added it in Kubera. The red/green numbers near the big total number shows you how the value changed on a day.
  5. If a connected brokerage has holdings, it would put a red dot on the details icon as it's asking you to click on it and see them. Whenever you see a red dot on the screen, it's asking you to click on it and see what's going on. If you want to see the holdings outside on the main table instead of they being hidden inside the details screen, click on the 'Show holdings outside' button. More details >
  6. In the Returns tab you can enter the Cost Basis or the Cash flow (Simply how much money you put in and took out. No need to enter qty price etc.) and then it will start showing the IRR of the investment. We don't get this information from the connections, so you need to enter them manually. More details >
  7. Also go through the other tabs in the details screen. Basically click on every icon and link you see on the screen so that you know what's going on.
  8. You may now go to the Dashboard screen (click on dashboard on the left sidebar) to see charts showing insights on your assets. The Reports section shows how the numbers changed for the assets. We are working on adding more charts and reports. 

We think this is enough stuff for you to explore. Let us know if you have more questions. Write to us at

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