What is the Fast Forward feature?

The Fast Forward (FF) feature allows you to peek into the future of your portfolio.

In simple terms FF enables you to apply certain rules to your current portfolio and observe how those rules affect your net worth.

Traditional retirement calculators use fixed withdrawal rates, inflation rates, and social security benefits, which are too simplistic for today's complex financial landscape. You need an adaptable yet simple tool for the fluctuating market conditions and personal circumstances.

Kubera lets you model real-life situations, like the following, to see how it affects your net worth in the future.

  • My investable assets continue to grow at X%
  • I repay all my debts in the next 5 years
  • I get a windfall income when my company goes IPO
  • Excess cash outflow for 4 years to fund my child's college
  • When BTC hits $100K!

  1. Start with tweaking the placeholder rules and see how they affect your future net worth.

  1. Click on any point in the chart to see the breakdown of the future net worth amount. Basically you see how Kubera calculated your future net worth based on the rules.

  1. Once you are comfortable, click on the Add Rule button and add more rules to get a clearer picture of your future net worth.

Here's a video walkthrough of the Fast Forward feature

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