Nested Portfolios - Link another portfolio to your current portfolio

You can create multiple portfolios in Kubera to organize assets and debts based on entity and ownership, and track their own individual net worth.

To create more portfolios, click on the portfolio name on the top right side of the app (The name of the default portfolio is your first name)

These individual portfolios can then be linked, allowing for a unified view of their overall net worth and generate comprehensive reports.

When you link a portfolio, its total assets and debt balances get added as 2 rows (1 asset and 1 debt) to the current portfolio.

To link a portfolio to the current one, click on Add Asset > Link another portfolio > Select the portfolio

Click on the Portfolio Name > Portfolio Tree to see the structure of your nested portfolios.

Nested Portfolios also offer granular access control for improved collaboration and privacy. Instead of sharing your entire account and granting access to all your portfolios, you can organize a subset of your assets into a separate portfolio. This allows you to share specific portfolios with designated individuals.

Nested portfolios are particularly useful in various scenarios, such as:

  1. For a holding company and its subsidiaries, maintain separate portfolios for each subsidiary to monitor their individual net worths. These can then be linked to the parent holding company's portfolio to view a consolidated net worth.

  2. For trusts, keep individual portfolios for each trust, which can be connected to a primary portfolio to aggregate their net worths.

  3. For businesses with shared ownership, manage a separate portfolio that reflects the business's assets, and link it to your personal portfolio, adjusting for your percentage of ownership to accurately represent your share of the net worth.

  4. For managed portfolios, where a portion of assets is controlled by another party, maintain a separate portfolio for these assets but link it to your main portfolio for a comprehensive financial overview.
  5. For family offices - create a master portfolio that has individual portfolios of all the family members linked.

Here is a demo of how Nested Portfolios work

Nested Portfolios are available only for Kubera Black users. You will be able to link portfolios during the trial period. If you don’t subscribe to Kubera Black after the trial period, they will be unlinked.

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