I have already done estate planning. Do I still need Kubera? How is Kubera different from Wills & Trusts?

Estate Planning documents (Wills and Trusts) are legal documents. Their primary objective is to be enforceable in a court of law. They are not supposed to be “live documents” and well suited for a system of record. Updating them is cumbersome. You drown in legalese. You avoid the pain of updating them. This gives you a false sense of security. Your heirs/beneficiaries will not get the complete picture from your estate planning documents.

Kubera ensures that nothing falls between the cracks. You are always keeping track of your wealth, and all this information is transferred smoothly. Other critical information like debt and insurance is also available side-by-side.

There is no doubt that estate planning is critical to safeguarding your wealth. But you will still need Kubera.

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