How do I manually track my stocks?

In Kubera, you can connect your online brokerage accounts to get the latest value of your stocks. If you are not able to connect them, you can track your stocks by entering the stock symbols.

Kubera natively supports stock tickers of all major exchanges. To add a stock to Kubera and track it manually, just click on 'Add New' > click on 'Stocks'. Here, you will be able to search for the stock using the name of the company.

You can also enter the stock ticker symbol followed by the number of shares in the value field directly and it will show its latest price. For example: AAPL 10, TSLA 15

Non-US Stocks

You can track non-US stocks by entering ticker symbols as per Yahoo Finance or Apple’s stock app. For example: RDSA.L 25, CBA.AX 58

The .L and .AX in the above example stands for the stock exchange's code. You can find the full list of stock exchanges we support and their respective codes here.

What if Stocks and Crypto have the same ticker codes?

In Kubera, if you encounter a case where a Crypto ticker is the same as a Stock ticker, you will be given an option to pick one after you’ve entered the ticker.