Mark as Stale as a reminder to periodically update the asset values

Let’s accept it, not all assets have ticker symbols or can be connected online for auto updates. E.g your private investments. 

In Kubera it is easy to enter assets and their value into a table row and update the values periodically. Just like in an Excel spreadsheet. Every update to the value is saved in the history of the asset.

You may manually mark a row as "Stale" as a reminder to update the value. Rows marked as stale appear visually a bit different – text in italics with a grey background – so that you can spot them easily. To bring it back to normal, you may either just update the value or click on 3 dots and hit 'Mark as Updated'.

Schedule to automatically mark as stale

You can also schedule a sheet to periodically mark all the manual entries in it as stale (every week, month, year etc.). Look for this option in the Sheets menu. This setting basically marks the manual rows as stale (grey in color) in this sheet and it sends you a mail reminding about it, based on the schedule you set.

Note: By default the manual entries in your first sheet are scheduled to be marked as stale every month.

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