What are Investable Assets?

Investable Assets is the total value of cash (bank accounts, cash in brokerage etc.) in your portfolio and the assets that can be easily converted to cash (stocks, crypto, mutual funds, bonds, retirement accounts etc.)
Your physical assets like your home, vehicles, real estate investment properties, art, jewelry etc. are not considered as investable Assets.
Your Net Worth shows you the money you will have if you were to exit all your Investable Assets and also sell all of your physical assets and then pay off all of your debt. But Investable Assets is an important wealth indicator to understand how much you can financially cover in case you need cash fast. 
Kubera automatically recognizes connected assets and tickers as investable. For manual entries please go to the asset details (click on the 4-lines icon on the right side of the row) and look for the Investable flag in the  screen under the ‘Assorted’ tab.

Note: Even for connected assets and tickers, you may go to the same place and change the flag. If you are not sure, leave it as it is.

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