What is Committed Capital?

The total money you have committed to the asset. Usually towards funds like Private Equity Funds or VC Funds.

Go to the asset's details screen (click on the 'details' icon on the right side of the row) >  click on the Assorted tab > and look for the ‘Committed Capital’ field to enter the total commitment you have done for the asset. It’s available for only assets that you add manually.

Capital Calls

When you fund a Capital Call, go to the Returns tab and enter it as ‘Cash In’ along with the other money you have already funded. Based on this your Unfunded Commitments will be calculated.

Now you have the current value of your asset that will reflect in your net worth. It also knows what's the total committed (Assorted tab / Committed capital) and how much you have funded (Returns Tab / Cash Flow) and it can now show you the 'Unfunded Commitment' (Total Commitment minus Total Cash Ins)

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