How often do my connected bank and brokerage accounts update in Kubera?

Short answer

For all practical purposes, your connected accounts are updated end of day.

Long answer

This is what is going on behind the scenes:
- We use account aggregation services like Plaid, Yodlee and Salt Edge to connect to your accounts.
- Plaid fetches values from the bank/brokerage. Kubera fetches values from Plaid.
- Kubera fetches values from Plaid automatically every 15 minutes. Or when you refresh the page and when you hit 'update value'.
- Plaid fetches values from a bank/brokerage 2 or 3 times a day. For some banks, it can be even once a day. We don't have control over this.
The point is that your bank balances are not updated in real time. There's a delay but it shouldn't be more than 24 hours. 

For all practical purposes, connected accounts show the end-of-day balances of your accounts. But if you think your accounts are not updated even after 24 hours, please hit 3dots > update values. That will fix the connection if there is some error or is stuck because it requires a 2FA code to update

Note: Connections secured by 2FA won't auto update. You have to click on Update Values for it to update. Know more

Even after that if it's not updating, let us know at and we'll troubleshoot.

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