My Bank/Brokerage Connection is not updating. What do I do?

Banks & Brokerage accounts are not synced for more than 48 hours?

Click on 3-dots > hit Sync Account.

If the row is showing a yellow icon, click on the yellow icon > hit Sync Account.

Still not working?

Click on the 3-dots/yellow icon > hit Reconnect Account.

Select 'Always Out of Sync' if it asks for the reason to Reconnect.

Reconnect will give you a chance to connect this account afresh. If a better connection method is available via another aggregator Kubera will automatically route the connection flow through the new method.

Once logged in using the new method it will ask you to map the new incoming accounts with the ones you have. Map them properly for seamless migration of history.

If the first method fails, it will give you more connection methods to try. Do try them all.

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